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Pre & Post Natal Fitness

Safe and effective training classes specifically designed for the needs and considerations of pre and post natal people. Available in a private, partner, or semi-private structure.

Pre-Natal Fitness
Pre And Post-Natal Fitness
Mom And Baby Fitness Classes

Pre-Natal Training

Pre-natal training provides a safe and supportive environment for expecting people to stay healthy and active throughout pregnancy. Classes have a strong focus on developing the mobility and strength required to accommodate the changing needs of pregnancy as well as prepare the body for birth.

Post-Natal Training

During post-natal training, participants can expect to follow a gentle progression designed to help them recover from pregnancy and birth. These classes focus on a blend of mobility, posture, core strength, and pelvic floor exercises. Additionally, post-natal classes offer a supportive and encouraging environment for new parents to connect with others who are experiencing similar challenging and triumphs. Babies are welcome at all post-natal classes.

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