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In-Person Training

Forward Motion Strength and Conditioning Edmonton

Private Personal Training

Private personal training offers a fully individualized fitness experience. The programs and sessions are customized and clients receive 100% of the focus and attention. This is an efficient and client centred approach to achieving goals.


Partner Personal Training

Training can be a lot more fun when you do it with a friend. Partner personal training provides a similar experience to private training, but the coaching is shared between 2 people. Both individuals receive customized programs and coaching is always tailored.


Semi-Private Personal Training

Semi-private training offers the customized programming of personal and partner training, in a small group setting of 3-4 people. This style of training allows individuals the ability to work on their specific goals while receiving tailored coaching, at a lower cost.

Mom & Baby Semi-Private Personal Training

Bring your littles to this semi customizable training class specifically tailored to moms at any stage of postpartum. Strong emphasis is placed on pelvic floor health through a balanced workout involving mobility, strength, and conditioning exercises. All fitness and experience levels are welcome. Maximum 4 people per class. 

Online Programs

Level One Strength Program

With a focus on fundamentals, Forward Motion’s Level One Strength Program is ideal for those who not only want a training plan, but a solid education on building a strong foundation. As a 90-day program, Level One Strength provides three workouts per week with video and written explanations for each exercise. Additionally, Michelle hosts weekly live-sessions covering various fitness topics and monthly individual video check-ins.

Forward Motion Strength and Conditioning Edmonton

Programming & Sports Performance

Forward Motion Strength and Conditioning Edmonton


Available to experienced individuals looking for customized programming and minimal one on one coaching. Please contact for more information.


Sports Performance Assessment

Training for specific performance goals requires a comprehensive understanding of an athlete’s needs, both individually and in their sport as a whole. The sport performance assessment is a multifaceted approach to identify areas of improvement to create and support a more balanced and effective athlete. What’s included:

  • A thorough physical assessment to evaluate breathing mechanics, range of motion, movement patterns, and general strength

  • Observation of sport training session

  • Consultation of coaching staff and therapists

  • Complete report reviewing findings and recommendations

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